Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Reflecting and Living life Intentionally

When was the last time you just stopped to reflect on life?  To just sit back and soak it all in and look at those around you.  Life is moving as fast as ever and the stress comes daily.  Make time today to just enjoy the gift of life and the beauty that is all around us.  While flying today, I looked out my window and just marveled as the sun just peaked up and glistened on the trees below.  I don't stop enough to appreciate all the blessings around me but am thankful that tomorrow is a new day and I have the opportunity to make a masterpiece with those I come in contact with.  Enjoy the moment and make sure that you make the most of the day because we will never get this time back again.

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  1. Awesome first post. As we travel we are able to "soak in the moments" while not from a plane but by actually looking down from a mountain top and just seeing what God has created for all of us. We meet many people while on the road and look forward to meeting those that will cross our path in the future. I am sure our path will cross again.

    Stay Safe