Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dancing with my daughter

The week had come to a close at work. My oldest son was spending the night with a cousin. I just put down my youngest son and was ready to get into some kind of "action movie" or watch a football game. I was just ready to chill and watch some testosterone flying across the screen. As I was passing through the living room, I saw my precious little princess (my daughter Merri-Broxton) snuggled up next to my precious big princess (my wife Wendy) watching a chick flick "What a Girl Wants". I have to admit, it looked like a picture perfect moment. Until my daughter said, "Dad, I want you to snuggle up right next to me and watch this movie with Mommy and I".

In my mind, I was thinking why didn't I go through the other room, in stealth mode, and barricade down in our room watching a man's movie. Then that thought was instantly erased when she looked up at me with those precious blue eyes and said "Please Daddy". That is when I said I would love to watch this with you and Mommy. We cooked some popcorn and burrowed up underneath some blankets and pushed play. From that moment on, I knew this was exactly what God wanted me to be doing this past Friday night. We laughed together, stopped the movie and watched Merri-Broxton dance for us, and I caught my self several times looking at Merri-Broxton and thinking how fast time has gone by with her so far and how much I love her and my family. Towards the end of the movie, low and behold, I busted a leak and the tears started flowing on one scene. My wife squeezed my hand and then my little princess wanted to dance like the father and daughter in the movie. Off the couch I came and dance we did. I will cherish that night, our hugs, our dance, and looking into hers eyes and telling her how much I love her.

Thank you Lord for letting me walk through the living room and make a memory for life.

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