Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day

Truly thankful to have had the privilege of having two fathers in my life. My first father went on to be with The Lord ten years ago. He loved me deeply and taught me more about living life than I ever realized when he was alive.

My second father also loves me and is teaching me the value of slowing down and listening to people and not always being in a rush.

I now have the privilege of being a father to 3 children and truly desire to love them and enjoy them. Teach them what is important in life and to live intentionally while hear on earth.

We live at times as if this is as good as it gets in life and that is dangerous to me. I believe there is a home that we will go to when we breathe our last breath and I believe their is a Father in this home we desire to be. Thank you Lord for being our Father even when we live a life of constant rebellion here on earth.

Happy Father's Day.